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Updated Jan 2021 Investing Fundamentals


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Investing Fundamentals Course


 ''Peter's experience and commentary covering all the various assets classes, coupled with pensions, mortgages, shares, and tax advice from the other experts made this course very enjoyable and increased my knowledge greatly in many areas. I found his insights on currency particularly useful. 

Brendan (Start To Invest + Investing Fundamentals course)

Delivered through 3 online modules followed by Questions and Answers.

Each student receives a 1 hour post course investment strategy consultation.

Investing Basics

  • Basic Investing Principles
  • Investing Outlook 
  • Financial Planning
  • Alternative Investing
  • Diversification, correlation, volatility.
  • Setting Risk Parameters
  • Avoiding excessive fees and charges

Portfolio Investing

  • 10 Key indicators for screening a stock.
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Assets Classes:
  • Equity Markets
  • Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Foreign Exchange

Pensions, Property and Alternatives

  • Pension options for employees
  • Pension options for self-employed
  • Post retirement pension options
  • Property Investments: Investment properties, Social housing.
  • Getting the best value mortgage.

NEW Sessions Added

Revised Catherine McGovern

Taxation of Investment Income

Catherine McGovern

Tax Partner


Tuesday February 2nd

Identifying value stocks

Stephen Clapham

Author and former hedge fund partner.

Behind the Balance Sheet and The Smart Money Method

Tuesday February 9th

Complimentary copy of Steve's book for all attendees

Course Lecturer

Peter Brown has over 35 years’ experience in the financial markets and has managed treasury operations in financial institutions including Barclays, BNP, Ulster Bank and ACCBank. As chief dealer and subsequently general manager of treasury, pensions and investments he became expert in structured finance, funding, trading, investments and risk management. He is the co-founder of Baggot Investments and formerly the Head of Education at the IIFT. Peter features regularly on RTE, TV3, BBC World, RTE Radio and NewsTalk.

Peter Brown

Course Start Date

Tuesday 12th of January


Spend a little today. Save yourself a fortune long term.

You learn about stalactites and stalagmites in geography, you spend up to 14 years learning Irish but not one minute in our educational life on personal finance and investing education. Learn financial planning, portfolio building, how to analyse various pension and investment options for the price of what you might spend on dinner for two or a night away.



Why go it alone? Learn from a finance industry veteran with 35 years experience. Learn from the mistakes and wins of someone who has been there and done that.


Burning questions

Each participant will be entitled to a one hour one to one session with Peter after the course to review their investment strategy, this is an opportunity to go through any burning investment questions you might have with Peter. If you have been wondering about whether a certain market, commodity or bond offers value this is an opportunity to debate and discuss this with an Irish finance industry veteran.


Insights no matter what level

Whether you lost a packet on Irish bank shares, or bet on Netflix at the start of their ascent, aren't sure if your €500 a month is enough to invest or are looking for a better return on your 50k, this course will have something for you. You will learn valuable insights that will serve you whether at the start, middle, end or restart of your investment journey.


Economic Outlook

There’s not much point making investments without some knowledge of the wider economic situation; i.e if will there be a V shaped or U shaped recovery or are we set for an economic depression? Peter will discuss economic outlook predictions for 2021.


Dream big

Make your money work for you. With the right skills and a long term investment strategy that early retirement, home with views of the ocean or working for yourself may not be that far away.